One Less Thing to Worry About

This installation utilizes the image of a widely sold target that has been significantly modified to create the likeness of a hooded individual carrying Skittles and an Arizona-brand watermelon juice cocktail.

The image has been rendered in the form of a throw blanket, typically used for comfort and warmth. The safe securely contains the artist’s concealed weapons permit, a Glock 22 semi-automatic pistol, and 3 full clips of ammunition (45 rounds). It is legal to own clips with capacity higher than 10 in Maryland, but not to sell them.

The artist went through the process of obtaining a concealed weapons permit and buying a pistol in order to make works of art; he shot bullets through white paper targets, graphically illustrating the precise number of bullets shot through human bodies in cases of excessive use of force.

Each of the throw blankets in the stack depicts the image of a lynching or killing. They capture experiences of extreme human atrocity in objects designed for comfort, warmth, and security