Composer/Bassist Paul Rucker presents (8) eight new compositions featuring 18 of the Northwests finest musicians: Bill Frisell, Julian Priester, Michael White, Hans Teuber, Jay Roulston, Bill Horist, Amy Denio, Jovino Santos Neto, Jeff Hay, Neil Gitkind, Jacques Willis, Elizabeth Pupo-Walker, Jeff Busch, Erik Anderson, Isaac Marshall, Farko Dosumov, Flora McGill, Josephine Howell.

Seattle based Cello/Alto Sax duo of Paul Rucker/Hans Teuber have recorded a CD of improvised music. The two voices compliment each other in 9 spontaneous arrangements.

Recorded November 4, 2004

Ensemble Members:
Tari Nelson-Zagar: violin
Tom Swafford: violin
Tara Flandreu: viola
Paul Rucker: cello, bass, conductor
Isaac Marshall, alto flute, C flutes, piccolo
Mark Taylor: alto & tenor saxophones
Wally Shoup: alto saxophone
Gregory Reynolds: alto saxophone
Steve Bagnell: tenor saxophone
Greg Sinibaldi: bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Marty MacPont: bass saxophone, sousaphone
Gordon Allen: trumpet
Dave Carter: trumpet
Jim Knodle: trumpet
Neil Gitkind: trombone
Chris Stover: trombone
Gust Burns: piano
Bill Horist: guitar
Geoff Harper: bass
Erik D. Anderson: drums, percussion
Byron Vannoy: drums, percussion
Josephine Howell: voice
Christian Green: percussion
Adam Weiss: tenor saxophone
Samantha Boshnack: trumpet
Ted Lockery: cornet

Recorded by Mark Clem
Mixed by Mark Clem and Paul Rucker
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering